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(16)TV Box Net ($29)($89)($99)




Brought to you by Eugene Byers, a Member of CrazyFeeder!

Join on this page and pay only $29.00!*


is one of the GREATEST business opportunities on the web, right?

Become a Founding
Member of TVBoxNet.

Your $29 buys you one entry into our
2 x 2 CrazyFeeder for TVBoxNet Matrix.

Once that position cycles, you are entered
into our $89 CrazyFeeder or receive a cash payout!

Upon cycling in our $89 CrazyFeeder, you receive
a fully paid TVBoxNet Membership or a cash payout.

TvboxNet Members Earn commissions
in 10 different ways, So Far....

Retail Sales, 2 x 2 Re-Entry Matrix,
Matching/Infinity Bonuses, 2 x 6
Business Builder Matrix, 100%
Matching Bonus, Wholesale Purchases,
Leaders Bonus Pool, Network Profit
Share, Network Advertising Ads, and
MagicJack retails sales.

Currently the 2 X 2 Cycler is our
biggest Earner. Of course, the 2 x 6
with the 100% Matching Bonuses is
Paying me almost as much.



Can you afford the $299.00 necessary to participate?

If yes, get a jump on everyone else
who is using CrazyFeeder to get their money together for TVBoxNet
and feel free to sign up under my TVBoxNet URL, below.

If not...

If you can't imagine paying


to participate in TVBoxNet....


With CrazyFeeder!

It's that simple!

How does this all work?

Other than the Team Builder Membership described below
for ONLY $19.00, there is basically only ONE WAY
to participate in CrazyFeeder.

Your paid membership provides you with two services:

I. Thirty (30) Days of Paid Advertising, provided by
EasyChairClub's Downline Service,
one of the best resources on the web
for home business associates!

But now, best of all - and that's why we're here, right?

II. A paid position in a our 2 x 2 Matrix, the best 2 x 2 Matrix on the web!

When you get 6 people in your 2 x 2 matrix (each paying $29.00),
it cycles your position, providing you with enough money
to do one of two things:

Buy yourself a paid position
in the high-paying TVBoxNet Program*,
and that is worth $299.00, right?


Receive a payout in $50.00 CASH

Is $50.00 in CASH not enough for you?

If you want to earn more when you cycle,
the amount you are paid depends on only ONE THING!

How Many Paid Members of CrazyFeeder YOU have Enrolled!

Number of Paid Referrals You have Enrolled for CrazyFeeder
Your Commission at Matrix Position Payout


Click Here if you are already convinced to move forward!

So You Cycled Once in CrazyFeeder - that's great!

But that's not all...

After you cycle, you can use the Team Builder Membership
services of CrazyFeeder and continue to

1) Build your team in TVBoxNet,
by referring as many people as you can
to CrazyFeeder, thereby building the 2 x 2 Matrix
of each personal referral you have in CrazyFeeder,
thereby cycling them in CrazyFeeder, so that their free position
under you in TVBoxNet can be upgraded - ultimately cycling
you again and again in TVBoxNet, right?


2) Build your CrazyFeeder Team
and receive a payout in cash
each time one of your referrals cycle,
and the amount depends on ONE THING,

How Many Paid Members of CrazyFeeder
Your Cycling referral has Enrolled!

Number of Paid Referrals Your Cycling Referral has Enrolled for CrazyFeeder
Your Commission at Matrix Position Payout


Hint: Many people won't win anyone for CrazyFeeder,
so you will often get a $50.00 payout, right?

Your efforts as a Team Builder are extremely valuable,
to your referrals and to yourself, as your promotion efforts continue
to fill all the 2 x 2 Matrices of Your CrazyFeeder Referrals,
putting them quickly into a position to

a) upgrade their TVBoxNet position to a paid member*,


b) receive their $50.00 - $60.00 payout when they cycle!

You will be their hero when your referral cycles
and they make money on the Internet,
possibly for the first time!

Click Here if you are already convinced to move forward!

What if you decide to buy a second matrix position?

When you see your first matrix position take off,
you will probably want to buy a second matrix position,
and perhaps several more - and you can buy a
new matrix position from your prior earnings, also!

Well everytime you decide to purchase a new matrix position,
it directly brings your first position closer to cycling, and it
provides you with another matrix position that will
eventually cycle (provided you and your team
are working to enroll others in CrazyFeeder),
providing you with even more profits.

Also, you receive another Thirty (30) Days of Paid Advertising,
provided by EasyChairClub's Downline Service, one of the
best resources on the web for home business associates!

And your commissions at payout
for your additional positions do not change!

Every matrix position you purchase provides you
with the following commission when you cycle:

Number of Paid Referrals You Have Enrolled for CrazyFeeder
Your Commission at Payout


How do you purchase a membership
and how do we pay commissions?

SafePay, AlertPay, E-Bullion, E-Gold, AsianPay,
, MoneyBookers, GlobalMoneyCards,
Money Order/Cashiers Check, Western Union, MoneyGram

You name it!

Click Here if you are already convinced to move forward!

This is not just your ordinary 2 x 2 Matrix!

All sponsors are required to cycle every person they enroll,
not just cycle their own position and then move on
to cycle their next personal matrix position.

This is as fair as it gets, folks!

That's right! No one is left behind when a Matrix Position Cycles,
like in most 2 x 2 matrices!

The CrazyFeeder is especially designed to push everyone through,
ultimately cycling everyone who joins, whether they want to or not!

Is the CrazyFeeder 2 x 2 Matrix the best ever invented?

You decide - start comparing 2 x 2 matrices on the web...
We think y
ou'll always come back to CrazyFeeder!

What a great way to promote big-paying programs on the web, like TVBoxNet!

Click Here if you are already convinced to move forward!

Okay, ready to go?

It's time to get moving on this one!


whether you are interested in joining TVBoxNet,
or you are already a Paid Member in TVBoxNet.

Simply provide us your contact information,
to sign up under the person, whose web site you are visiting now!

Full Name
E-mail Address

Your contact information at CrazyFeeder will never
be sold or otherwise provided to a third party!

That's right, CrazyFeeder makes this all possible!

Helping you get into more expensive, but higher-paying programs!

Whenever you see a program that is simply TOO EXPENSIVE for most
people to afford, CrazyFeeder can be set up to create a less-expensive matrix,
which makes it possible for normal people to participate, not just wealthy people!

CrazyFeeder can be used by ANYONE, to assist others in joining
the more expensive programs - almost any program
with a high-priced entry fee works great with CrazyFeeder!

NEW!! Simply Log In to the Member Area of CrazyFeeder
and set up your OWN CrazyFeeder for your favorite program, NOW!!


You don't need CrazyFeeder?

Okay, you have the $299.00 necessary to join TVBoxNet,
and you don't want to wait until CrazyFeeder
makes it possible for you to join for only $29.00?
(Remember, it could take days for you to cycle
and get your payment for TVBoxNet
made available to you from CrazyFeeder.)*

You are ready!

That's GREAT, because you will NOT be disppointed with TVBoxNet!

Here is the URL to Sign Up:

My Personal URL for TVBoxNet

Here are some detailed instructions you will need:

1). Click on join from the top tool bar.
2). Complete the form at the bottom of the page.
3). Chose your payment method.
4). Make your $299 Payment

Then sign up for CrazyFeeder and
start promoting your CrazyFeeder URL!

It works!

Also, please feel free to contact me anytime with your
questions, comments or suggestions!

Get on board NOW, today!

My Contact Details, in case you need to contact me personally:

Eugene Byers

This web site is made possible by CrazyFeeder,
which is a Service of


Joining this CrazyFeeder enables you to pay only $29 onetime, cycle and be placed into our $89 CrazyFeeder for TVBoxNet. Upon cycling in the $89 CrazyFeeder, you receive a fully paid $299 membership in TVBoxNet!


Also, in order for your matrix position to cycle,
six other participants must be placed
below you in your 2 x 2 matrix.

This may be accomplished solely by the efforts
of your sponsor or others in your sponsor's team,
but may also require that you enroll others
to get your 2 x 2 matrix filled.

CrazyFeeder is not an investment program.
It simply provides you with an effective way
to join the more expensive
program that CrazyFeeder is supporting,
for this web site, TVBoxNet.

© 2007-2008 EasyChairClub

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