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(22) All Teamed Up ($35 One Time)


Welcome to All Teamed Up!

Can we ask you a quick question...Has this ever happened to you?

You log in to your email account to check your emails. You open an email about joining a new program. In that email, it says: "Join our program now and receive massive spillover" or "If you join our program, we promise to teach you, support you, and help you make money". You decide to join that program thinking wow, this is just what I was looking for and then a month or two down the road, you find yourself scratching your head still trying to figure out how to build your business. The program or sponsor that you signed up under is NOT providing the things they said they would. And all you have done up till that point is put out money and still not made a dime?
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At All Teamed Up, we say "It doesn't have to be that way" and we are proving that True Success can be done through teamwork and our Total Team Concept. Not just YOU and YOUR referrals working together to make money BUT you and an ENTIRE community of dedicated individuals working together to insure that every member of our program makes money!

You see, All Teamed Up is a program that was built by like-minded individuals FOR like-minded individuals, dedicated to helping each and every member that joins our All Teamed Up Community, find the TRUE SUCCESS that every person deserves! And we would like to invite YOU to join our All Teamed Up community as well... CLICK HERE TO REGISTER TODAY!

All Teamed Up is designed with EVERYONE in mind, from the total Newbie to the Experienced Marketer.

Are YOU ready to earn a substantial income online with the power of a real Team?

I have been marketing online for almost a year now. Finally, I realized that I could not do it alone ! I needed to be with a TEAM. A team that would help me: Learn & Earn.

That is what I found at All Teamed Up. The forum offers a Boatload of Team Supporters just waiting to help you.

The Team just needs us to Come and THE TEAM will be there to guide us. They have the experience that I need to succeed.

I can tell you from personal experience that I have had huge support from the ATU Team!

When you have a Team to Back you up. YOU Will Succeed. Alone you may likely fail.

I choose to Succeed. And I will...With the help of A Powerful Team! I love to see a message that states: You Have A New Referral ......

Not just because I want to make money. No! I want to help other people. I will not succeed online if I do not help others. I Believe that Fully.

TEAM SUPPORT = Early Retirement, Financial Freedom, No Boss, No Alarm Clock, You Choose what YOUR GOALS are !

Let the ATU Team Know...They will help you and support you...All the Way!

A Very Proud Member of All Teamed Up !
All We Need On Board is ...YOU.....

Charles M
Circleville, Ohio, USA

How can you make money with All Teamed Up?

All Teamed Up has two different types of programs built in to one.
  • The All Teamed Up Company Forced Matrix.
  • The All Teamed Up Team Build Programs.
The ATU Company Forced Matrix is just one big 2X matrix that we all work together to fill. It set it up ATU in such a way that it does not matter who refers who in the ATU Company Matrix. What this does is give the newbies, who are new to Internet marketing as well as the seasoned marketers, an equally good chance of achieving a very good income. To be a part of the All Teamed Up company matrix, it only costs a one-time fee of $35.00. We designed the All Teamed Up company matrix with a one-time fee so that you would never have to pay any monthly fees to be involved in it, yet you can still earn a huge income. CLICK HERE for more details.

I joined All Teamed up on Nov. 21st as a pro-member.

Today's date as I am writing this testimonial is Dec. 7th

So as of that date – I’ve been a member for 16 days.

I saw what this program Is capable of doing – it is a total team effort where like-minded people are working together to help everybody succeed.

TOTAL TEAM EFFORT = FAST CASH. It is a one time $35.00 upgrade that puts you under a 2x10 company forced matrix that will make you thousands of dollars! I have so far personally sponsored 16 people under me.

I’ve only been in the program 16 days and I have sponsored 16 people!

Why so many and so fast? Because everybody can see what a great program this is. If you want – you can even join free and make money!! Yes, that is True. So join free today and upgrade later for much much more money!!

I know I will make money with All Teamed Up - You will too!

Rafael Cruz
Menifee Lakes, CA - USA

The All Teamed Up Team Build Programs are programs built by All Teamed Up and designed to put money in the pockets of our members. Every time we reach an additional 5,000 NEW members in the All Teamed Up Community, we will open a new Team Build Program. These programs will always be small 2X programs designed to cycle quickly. They will NEVER have any monthly fees, ALWAYS be low cost, yet have a large payout on every cycle. These programs will also be EXCLUSIVE to the members FIRST, meaning that before these programs are made available to the public, the members of All Teamed Up will be pre-loaded in first! CLICK HERE TO REGISTER NOW!

Like many of you, I am a member of other TeamBuilds. Therefore, we know that all TeamBuilds are not created equally. I judge the effectiveness of any online business by the honesty and responsiveness of the business
owners. Here at ATU, I have seen the owners implement suggestions from the membership within 24 hours. This kind of responsiveness lends credence to the honesty and integrity of the owners. Whereas, I have not been able to convince my free members and contacts to come aboard yet(don't worry, they will), I still have a small commission in my account. That is more proof that ATU is a real TeamBuild!-Everybody helping the TEAM to achieve financial comfort for a small one-time fee. I feel very comfortable at All Teamed Up. Thank you Gregg and Wayne.

Jose Love
Sunny Southern California, USA
Proud ATU Pro Member

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All Teamed Up has two types of memberships, Free and Pro!

Free Membership Benefits:
  • Can earn a $5.00 instant referral bonus for EVERY pro member you refer to All Teamed Up.
  • Can join our EXCLUSIVE All Teamed Up Team Build Programs.
  • Will have access to over 20 different advertising resources.
  • Will be able to use our free URL Tracker Service.
  • Can join our ATU Learn and Earn Forum, exclusive to the All Teamed Up Community.
Pro Membership Benefits:
Cost: A one-time lifetime upgrade fee of ONLY $35.00
  • Can earn a $5.00 instant referral bonus for EVERY pro member you refer to All Teamed Up!
  • Will be placed in to the All Teamed Up Company Matrix as soon as they upgrade to Pro!
  • Can earn $3,872 from there personal 2X10 portion of the All Teamed Up Company Matrix!
  • Can earn a 50% Matching Bonus on all there personal pro referrals 2X10 portion of company matrix. Each pro referral is worth an additional $1,936 in potential income!
  • Can participate in the All Teamed Up Weekly Pro Cash Give-away!
  • Will ALWAYS be pre-loaded in to our Team Build Programs BEFORE the free members of All Teamed Up!
  • Will have access to over 35 different advertising resources!
  • Will be able to use our free URL Tracker Service!
  • Will receive a Lifetime Pro Membership to 2 Advertising Websites.
  • Will have access to our Discount Hosting. Hosting packages are free for the first 30 days (on 6 month package), then only $1.49 each month after. Hosting also comes with a built in site builder so you can literally put up your own website in minutes. Perfect for the Newbie!
  • Will receive 10,000 Banner Impressions and 10,000 Text Ads For Any Business.
  • Will receive Resell Rights with 100% Profit Margin to 3 HOT SELLING (time tested) Products complete with your own sales pages.
  • Will receive A Hot Social Network YEARLY MEMBERSHIP at 50% Discount.
Are you ready to be a PART of a network of people, dedicated to working together, to help each other succeed and earn a large amount of money online!

Click on the REGISTER button at the top of this page and come be a part of the All Teamed Up Community TODAY!!
Check out what some of the members of the ATU Community have to say about All Teamed Up!


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