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Portafolio de Inversion

-6. WilkensBrothers

Fri, Jul 25, 2008 at 5:10 PM

-5.- MyGoldValut

MyGoldVault is a Private Investment program which pays you return daily to your Investers account for X amount of days depending on the investment package you purchase.You will receive 100 Credits per Investment Package($5)to advertise your favorite site or banner. WE offer 2 different Investment Packages...

2% x 90 Days
1.5% 180 Days
You do not have to surf to earn.
We are not a HYIP or Get rich scheme. We offer 3% referral commission One time. MGV is a long term investment program where investors can be confident their cash $$ are safe.WE Invest In the Future by Financing a small recycling company that has been serving the London area for almost 10 Years.
(The way of the future).
Our Investment plan is 100% risk-free. ...

-4.- MonexTrader

Welcome To Monex Traders
Monex Traders is the name of a private investment group which organized by some professional traders. We worked in forex market since 2004. Our traders have more experience in forex trading and managing trading accounts.

What We Do ?
Monex Traders includes five professional traders who have enough experience in forex market and good knowledge in Technical & Fundamental analysis. Every trader manage an account with $200K capital. The group manager provide 70% of capital and 30% is traders own capital.

Investment Plan
We offer a great investment plan for you with most reasonable and guaranteed return. We give you 1.8% daily profit for 250 working days. Like other firms we are close at weekends and don't calculate profit on weekends.

Market Risk & Our Guarantee
The forex market is always risky but our experience and more than $1M reserve funds give us the ability to guarantee your fund and profit.

Deposit & Bonus
Everyone can join us with only $2. Also we give you 10% extra bonus on your first deposit. For example if your first deposit is $100, your account will deposit with $110. The bonus is available only for first deposit.

Referral Program
Our referral program is most fantastic. You can't find like it anywhere. We give you 10% of all deposits made by your referrals Plus $2 CPM. You can use most professional designed banners to advertise our program.

24/7 Excellent Support
Unlike most financial firms, our support team is available 24/7. Our maximum response time is only 8 hours and some times you receive response in less than 1 hour.

-3 FinancialClub.net

The whole transactions on currencies is estimated each day at more than 1.5 billion dollars. The foreign exchange market is traditionally open to the banks and the very great financial institutions. These great groups carried out profitable operations taking into account their positions and of their knowledge all the rules of operation on the market. Today the market is opened to other speakers, brokers, traders on currencies, of the managers of wallets and even of the particular investors.
Financial-club.net is a site of investments deprived on line.
Our first objective first make possible to each member acquire in a progressive way a certain financial freedom. Our essential motivation is that each one is satisfied, our principal assets are our honesty and our seriousness. We are not promising you a maximum benefit in record time. In investments, the great promises are often very illusory. We dont seek to allure a great number of avid investors of profits, nor to pile up capital at all costs. ´ We wish to join together an investors team seriously and commitment. Our own experience and knowledge enabled us to release certain and stable bases in the diffusion with publicity on Internet, and in the various commercial activities of Forex, where we place our capital, and the benefit of these investments are employed to increase the capital in our program like its stability on the time.
All this is which we wish to share with you, in a reciprocal way. We have our plans, our ideas, if this concept allures you, join our team and we willdo the best work for you, your finances and investments.


3.5% daily for 30 days (105%)

Daily Profit (%)

Plan 1

$1 - $1000


$2.5 minimum payout.

We have a one level of referral program with which you can earn up to 1% of referral deposits!

Name From To Commission (%)

Plan 1

1 1000


-2.- Ferrum Forex Group

Ferrum Forex Group offers two investment packages for you to choose from - Standard and Premium. The package you choose will set your investment term and interest structure.

Standard Plan

  • Up to 2.3% daily interest
  • Minimal deposit - $3.50
  • Investment term - 63 days
  • Fast withdrawals
  • Principal returned
  • Compounding available
  • 10% first deposit bonus!

Learn more

Premium Plan

  • Up to 19% weekly interest
  • Minimal deposit - $20
  • Investment term - 9 weeks
  • Fast withdrawals
  • Principal returned
  • Compounding available
  • 15% first deposit bonus!

Learn more

-1.- ForexMacro



0.60% Diario Por 180 dias
Inversión mínima 50
Inversión máxima 50999


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Les recomiendo algo bastante fiable con mucho exito. ECF (ECapitalFund).
Rentabilidad mensual 25%.
Rentabilidad semanal 5%.
Inversion minima de 200 $.
Pago semanal binario.
Retirada de rentabilidades semanalmente via e-bullion, egold, transferencia bancaria.
Comision de 5% por cada inversor referido sobre su inversion.
Comisiones 10% mensuales sobre ganancias referidos.
Para registro pongan Sponsor ID: "Forex" en la pagina web ECFunds punto Net.


At Ecapitalfunds.net, we have always strived to ensure that our investment offer is accessible to everyone. This is the reason why we have lowered the minimum deposit requirement to only $ 200. We wanted to make it possible for you to evaluate and see the benefits of investing with Ecapitalfunds.net without having to raise substantial investment capital. Once you are 100% satisfied with the reliability and security of our company, you can proceed to make a larger investment. Our plans are tailor-made to meet the needs and requirements of investors of varying financial resources. s

Plan 1 offers a variable Weekly interest rate 5%. The minimum deposit srequired for this investment plan is just $ 200. This investment plan is perfect for small investors and for those who do not feel safe depositing larger amounts at once. Please note that interest is paid on business days, Monday through Saturday, excluding official holidays. The minimum external withdrawals are allowed is $ 250.

With Plan 2 we offer a Monthly interest rate of 25%. The minimum deposit required for this plan in $ 200. We believe this investment plan will meet the needs of medium online investors. Interest will paid for every 30 days from the date of investment. The minimum external withdrawals are allowed is $ 250.

Plan 3 offers a Yearly interest rate of 400%. The minimum deposit required for this plan is $ 200. This investment plan is suitable for high net-worth individual and corporate investors. Interest is paid after one year from the date of investment. The minimum external withdrawals are allowed is $ 250

1.- Club Monystar.

$ 500 USD Minimo de inversion.

Cobro de comision a partir del septimo mes.

Sala De Conferencias entre 6:30 Y 21:00 De España





2.- NetWork

$100 USD Minimo de inversion.

Cobro de comision desde 7 dias despues de invertir.

Here is an example of $100.00 Deposited in the "7 Day Plan" .......
$100.00 x 1.5% = $1.50 x 7 Days = $10.50 PLUS your initial Deposit of $100.00 = $110.50

3.-Forex World Club

$100 Dolares minimo invertidos para ganar comisiones.


4.- Dextra

E100.00 Minimo de inversion 12% Mensual.

$100 * 0.12 = $12 Euros Por Mes




5.- Finanzas Forex


Sitio de Francisco M. Checa

Plan Básico
Inversión: desde 100 hasta 3.999 USD
Rentabilidad mensual estimada hasta el 10 %
Con reinversión semestral de intereses: 11 %
Plazo fijo de inversión de su capital: 6 meses

Esta Empresa hasta nuevo aviso ha dejado de realizar inscripciones de miembros


6.- Become a millionaire with LargeSum




from $150 to $750

1.60% daily.

Investment period of 30 days.

You can withdraw your principal at any moment.

from $750 to $5000

1.80% daily.

Investment period of 60 days.

You can withdraw your principal at any moment.
from $5000 to $100000

2.00% daily.

Investment period of 120 days.

You can withdraw your principal at any moment.

7.- Residual 4 Life



8.- Tradelite.net


Investment Contract 20D

This type of contract is targeted at short-term investors who seek small returns and maintain liquidity at the same time. Funds are mostly traded on the Foreign Exchange Market using Intraday Trading.

Minimum Investment: $50
Maximum Investment: $1000
Contract Duration: 20 calendar days
Total Investment Return: 118% (including principal)
Contract Cancellation: Allowed at any time (10% fee)

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