domingo, 6 de abril de 2008

(6) Mega Wealth Cash Flow System ($5.5 One Time)


Do You have
Five Dollars?
"Discover How You Can Make A Measly One Time $5 Fee
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Working Together As a TEAM, You Can Easily Build a

MONTHLY INCOME, All From Promoting One Program,
The Mega Wealth

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Let Us Show You How To Start Making Money!

1. Only $5.00 enters you into The Mega Wealth Cash Flow System's 3x2 Forced Matrix! and also gets you your Mega Wealth Online Training.
2. Once you cycle the small 3x2 Matrix. You will receive a Paid Life Time Membership into Fortune5Minutes and A Paid Re-Entry Back Into The Mega Wealth 3x2 Matrix. As your personally sponsored members cycle, they will follow you into your Fortune5Minutes 3x2 Matrix.
3. Each additional time you cycle. You will receive $25 Cash Into Your Solid Trust, E-gold, Revolution Money Exchange, DGNS or Alert Pay account and A Paid Re-Entry Back Into The Mega Wealth 3x2 Matrix. This will continue to Force Members into your Fortune5Minutes Matrix.

Your membership also offers:

  • 24/7 Access To Our Conference Center
  • Step-By-Step Online Marketing Training
  • Free ISO Register Marketing System
  • Post Unlimited Ads on
  • Receive 1 Solo Ad, 1000 Banner Impressions
    and 50 Traffic Link Clicks at
  • 25,000 Ad Credits at
  • Automatic Entry Into "Fortune5Minutes"
  • Multiple Streams of Income

Live Weekly Training
24/7 Live Conference Center

All You Do Is Promote:

Mega Wealth Cash Flow System

And while you are not required to sponsor anyone, those whom you do, will follow you into Our Featured Program at Fortune5Minutes


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