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Electromagnetic radiation is causing illness !

Our technology is causing our modern day illnesses. Many scientific reports have linked electromagnetic radiation ( EMR ) to numerous problems including cancer.

There is just too much publicity about EMR. Recently, and finally, scientists have proved that electricity from power lines cause cancer ! Use your own intuition, protect yourself and your family.

RA*D*AR provides complete protection from all forms of elctromagnetic radiation including cell phones, computers, appliances, power tools, cars, electricity, power lines, cellular towers etc.

RA*D*AR increases your immune system as per the scientific test on human blood cells. This means that your body may begin to heal itself of health problems because your cell count is actually increasing when you have a RA*D*AR on you. CLICK HERE TO SEE THE REPORT

How does RA*D*AR work ?

RA*D*AR works biologically, it is not a shielding device, nor does it attempt to deflect the radiation. The radiation from any appliance cannot be shielded or deflected completely because the appliance will not work.

We have an electromagnetic circuit in our bodies and when we come into contact with any EMR source, our bodies attract the radiation which causes overload.

We all have a weak link in our bodies, for some it could be the kidneys and for others the liver, heart etc. The EMR overload will create ill health in your body starting with the weakest link.

When RA*D*AR is anywhere on your body or on the appliance that is close to your body, the excess radiation will be stabilized (neutralized), rendering it harmless.

There are two types of RA*D*AR's.

Both measure + - 1.5"x 1" and they are laminated to protect them. RA*D*AR has an indefinite life span.

Affix the Straight RA*D*AR to your mobile / cell phone, computer, cordless phone, microwave etc. Wear the Hanging RA*D*AR around your neck or pin it to your clothing.

Complete protection from cell phone, computer, electrical radiation
Hanging RA*D*AR $ 29.95 Straight RA*D*AR $ 28.95
(10% discount for 2 or more)
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