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eeFuel Pre Pre Launch e-mail


Dear Valued Legacy Success Team Members,
I trust this meets you well in all possible ways.

We are finally just a couple of days away from our official Pre-Launch.

I want to quickly clarify that we have been in a Pre-Pre Launch up until this Saturday, June 21st, when we begin our official Pre-Launch. That is a little change from the terminology we were using, but that should clarify that. Our actual launch will not be until September!

If you or any of your team members are planning on attending this event, I need to know your arrival information immediately, so we can arrange to pick you up at the airport. Please email me your arrival time, and airport, etc. so we can arrange a proper ride for you.

For those of you not able to make it to corporate for our launch, you will be able to watch it Live online! (Details forthcoming).

There are millions of dollars worth of product ready to be shipped, a new website ready to launch, a great welcome kit ready to go out to everyone, and MUCH MORE!

For our team, there is much in the works that I will let you know about shortly, that will continue to assist you in building a strong team in Fuel Legacy.

Please continue to email me for all needs, and I will get right back to you with a response.

Our journey with Fuel Legacy is about to get very exciting.

Congratulations to all of you have seized the moment and have begun building your groups. For those fo you have have not yet begun building, it will be much easier come June 21st, as we will have a brand new site, will be shipping product, and paying commissions, as well as many other new tools that will be available for you, so stay tuned!!

Be in touch anytime. I am always just an email away,
With Passion and Respect,
David Reid

A sneak peek at our Corporate Video!

An interesting site that let's us expand beyond the usual Social Networking communities people are used to.

Come visit us in Livermore, CA. this weekend to see what all the excitement is about, as we officially enter the pre-launch phase of Fuel Legacy international. Friday June 20th, beginning at 7pm until 11pm and Saturday 21st. 11am to late that evening . There will be much to do and learn, so if its possible for you to make it, we would love to have you there. Folks will be coming from as far as Europe, Canada and Jamaica, all over the US, to right here in the Northern California area, so come dine on us this weekend.

Friday night we''ll kick things off with a business opportunity overview and your chance to corner the Corporate team for a meet and greet. This will be a beautiful outdoor setting, at a fabulous winery and vineyard, overlooking the Altamont Pass, and yes while there you may sample some of California''s finest.

Saturday late morning till late in the evening, we will be enjoying great fellowship, and an outdoor barbecue, so don''t leave the kids at home, as there will be some fun things for them to do also. You will have the opportunity to rub elbows with some of the industries finest, proven leaders, along with most of the folks behind the scenes, without whom this pre-launch would have been an impossible task.

The new location Friday night...
Marriott San Ramon.
2600 Bishop Drive
San Ramon, CA 94583

The location for Saturday Morning 11am:
Fuel Legacy
1575 Greenville Rd.
Livermore, CA 94550

Shuttle service:
The hotels listed below are within close proximity to one another, so shuttle service will be provided if needed, to and from the La Quinta Inn.

There are a few choices of hotels available, but of course rooms are limited so be sure to book early. If you mention “Fuel Legacy” each of the following hotels have a special discounted rate with breakfast, for our members.

Residence Inn, Marriott. Livermore, CA.
925 373-1800

La Quinta Inn, Livermore, CA.
925 373 9600

Best Western, Livermore, CA.
925 456 5422

It is going to be a great way to come to know the Fuel Legacy corporate team in person and have this unique hands on opportunity for sharing the business with others. This week''s call schedule will include the following presenters and will dovetail into our pre-launch event this weekend.

Friday 20th we will present the business overview with several guest as they arrive.

Saturday 21st. Again live from headquarters at 6PM eastern, we will of course be on the conference call line again to share the opportunity with your guests.

If you''re not with Fuel Legacy yet, you are probably asking yourself by now, why not? But you can be sure of one thing... You will be saying one of two things in the near future. I''m sure glad I did, or I sure wish I had.
Conference call dial in number: 347- 534 -1701 Pin 2568# Time: 9PM EST. 212-796-1701 pin 2568#

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