lunes, 23 de junio de 2008

Passive WTIA (Interested People)

Revival Team


WTIA - Two Team Builds.... yes, you should join BOTH!

WTIA team builds are the only way to be in WTIA passively. And you want to be in WTIA: it is over 15 years old, extremely well run and very stable. Here is your chance to do it without recruiting or waiting for your downlines from the feeders (Mega5 and F5M) to catch up to you before you get paid!

Basic idea:

We have negotiated a forced matrix build with Admin and owner Rick Matthews. Each member will join from the Team position this will ensure even growth and simplify the system for all. We are extremely grateful for the assistance provided by the owner of WTIA

Anyone wishing to join our WTIA build MUST agree to follow the rules. If instructions are not followed to the letter, the WTIA position will be moved from within our build and placed separately outside of our matrix.

1) Purchase position(s) for $99/ea.

2) Each postion must use the first earnings to purchase 6 more positions in their downline.

3) Reinvestment positions MUST be bought under the Team link.

4) 6 positions in total must be bought for each and every position in the matrix.

5) Benefactoring - these 6 positions may be gifted to other deserving individuals.

(This is an amazing concept for teams and large list holders, in time it will be possible to gift to all with this system, do the MATH, 6x6x6x6 and so on.)

Basically, with the 6 required reinvestment positions, it makes the team build self sustainable.... and will produce ongoing residual income year after year!

Join both! $99 out of pocket, the rest out of profits, and then into YOUR pockets, year after year!


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