jueves, 12 de junio de 2008

Forex Software


'Forex Systems' Are a Bluff.
My Forex Software Means Profit.

My name is Peter Larsen and it is my pleasure to introduce myself to you. To start off, I am in no way one of the 'Forex gurus' or God-gifted prodigies. Yet I manage to live an enjoyable life, drive a splendid brand new Porsche Cayenne, and do whatever I please and whenever I please. Since we aren't at a tax office, I won't stuff you with detailed reports on my income, but let you have a look at it yourself. It is always better to see it for yourself once than hear about it for a hundred times.

Luxury Lifestyle online Forex trading

"Trading now means no more than effortless risk-free buck-collecting
in the world's largest financial playground called Forex"

Cashing out to me is no harder than picking mushrooms, whereas, unlike many Forex gamblers out there, I know precisely what I am doing on it. Many think it's all yours once you get to trade there, but in fact can often be a bummer, for you need to know how to move in those waters. I do not claim to be a sparkling market-dominating multi-billionaire, yet I'd never be able to afford what I now own if it wasn't those quite a few thousand I make on a monthly basis. If you want your millions here and now, I'd say you go look for them elsewhere, but if you aim at being within the 15,000-20,000 USD monthly income range without risk and long waiting, you're sure in the right place.

Anxious to hear what brings me the cash, I guess? No, I am not carrying out instantaneous complex calculations, employing a team of market analysts (where'd I get them?), or making any behind-the-scenes deals. I only go as far as using my own fully automated Forex software, which spots the market trends and tells me PRECISELY when and what orders to place. Oh, and I am not glued to my computer 24/7 to be able to do it - I trade only whenever I feel like, and my software is always there to deliver the profits. As a matter of fact, it's not really me who trades - it is rather the software which does all the job for me, always being one step ahead of the market (hence, the name - Forex Beater). Sounds too simple, huh? Well, it is. Not even nearly as complex as its development was - with many months of failures, testing, bug fixing, platform adjustments, testing again, bug fixing again... you name it. I almost gave up on it when the thing finally hit the fan and started working no worse than a Swiss watch (I now have a few of those - strongly recommend them to you too; prolly, one of the first things you'll buy off your profits).

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