lunes, 10 de noviembre de 2008

GetWorldLight ($59 One Time Out Of Pocket)



This program has been in the making for over seven years and has just recently been re-worked to prepare for presentation to the World. All the gurus of Internet Marketing are aware of this and are just awaiting the completion of the back office to bring in their troops (Mike Glaspie, David Preston and Mike Dodd for example).

I wanted you to have the opportunity to see this great once in a lifetime opportunity. It is truly a program to make a HUGE amount of money - while helping all the great charities of the World - 10% of what you earn will be donated in your name (not deducted from your earnings) and 100% of Company Profits will be given to Charity! This is your chance to help the less fortunate while helping yourself! Your only out of pocket is the $59.

You are being given the opportunity to get into the business while in pre-launch. The new website is not up yet, but you can get the documents for this program by going to - (they are in pdf format) -

Believe me, you will need to listen to a conference call in order to grasp the magnitude of this pay plan. I initially looked at it and thought - "what in the world?"

The recorded call is here:

This program was designed for the people who do not sponsor! Truly passive income! One $59 entry will produce a massive income over its lifetime without sponsoring anyone. Oh, and you can also "will" this to your heirs.

We are told that the people who get in before we open world-wide will see a HUGE income next year!! Bet you could use that! You will recall that you have always heard that "the ones in the beginning" are the ones who made all the money.

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