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Cheap Shaving Eco Razo





One family will use approximately 100 razor blades per year. An average blade weighs 2.25 grams, which means 1/2 of a pound of razor blades every year end up in our garbages and that does not include the handles that also get tossed. In North America alone, that equates to over 125 million pounds of razor blades thrown into landfills every year.

The RAZO 24X can reduce the consumption of blades from 100 down to 10, 5, maybe even 3 blades per year. At 5 blades per year, we have reduced razor blade waste to 5 million pounds per year. This alone is a tremendous improvement.

However, RAZO 24X wants to take it one step further. Our compact, recycled cardboard boxes are a great place to save all your old blades. When the box is full return it to us for recycling. Now, don't you wish every industry could come up with its own solution for the waste it creates. RAZO 24X is more than just a cost-effective way to shave, it is truly better for us... and you thought the recycler part just sounded good.


STOP! Proven Shaving System That The "Big Boys" Want Kept Secret...

" Genius Canadian Company *SHOCKS* The Big Shaving Companies By Inventing A Shaving System So Advanced That You Will Literally Save Hundreds Of Dollars In No Time And Reduce Your Carbon Footprint With The ecoRazo Shaving System "

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Updated July 2008

From the Desk of Razor Sharp Magnetics Inc.

What is it that keeps you shaving?

If you said HAIR, then you are correct, my friend!

Men and women alike all have hair, and some more than others, but they shave all the time. Whether it is their legs, face, armpits, chest, or wherever else, it is a ritual that is hard to escape.

But have you ever thought about the problems that come with shaving?

Razor Burn, Cost, Excess Garbage or Waste - Just to name a few.

Well, Razor Sharp Magnetics Inc. has developed a shaving system so advanced, yet, so simple, that it will blow your mind.

We have taken the cost and pain out of shaving by developing a system that keeps your blades sharp, and we called it the ecoRazo.

And when we say SHARP, we mean you will be able to shave up to 24 times longer on the same blade before you need to replace it.

Testimonial #1

I usually shave every day with an occasional day off. My blade used to last me about a month. Since starting ecoRazo and counting every shave, I have shaved 327 times and am still using the same blade. The amazing thing is I'm not getting that stinging feeling from using a dull blade because my blade isn't dull. The ecoRazo works, end of story.

Brian G.
Calgary, Alberta, Canada

So What is this Strange, Magical Contraption?

There is nothing strange about the ecoRazo. It is actually very ordinary looking, and will blend perfectly into your bathroom, amongst your toothpaste, lotions, and brushes.

Here is what the ecoRazo looks like:

Nothing out of the oridinary - just an attractive cradle where you can set your razor.

The Magic is the technology that is located inside the platform.

Using magnetics, we have figured out a way to stop your razor blade from going dull.

You see, when you think your blade is getting dull, it is not getting dull because you are using it.

It is getting dull because it is RUSTING.

And when your blade is rusting, it is developing groves and nicks on the blade that can lead to irritation or a poor shave.

This is why you change your blade so often. Not because it is actually dull, but because the rust has eaten away at the edge of the razor blade.

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